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oh how i desire to tell your sweet sweet story through imagery.

a little bit about me: I am a morning person. I will be drinking iced coffee when it is far too cold outside. I am always down to make french toast for a party of ten if my schedule allows it. I will drive 30 minutes to go eat somewhere yummy or try a new coffee shop because I grew up in a small town that required us to do exactly that. I will go out and buy a new outfit for just about every occassion. 

beyond that, i just want to continue to capture the sweetest and most precious moments of people's lives. that is something i never see myself growing old of. 

i am so happy you are here and i look forward to meeting you!

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my fav starbucks order is a half sweet, iced white mocha with soy milk and an extra shot of espresso.

I am engaged to the sweetest, most kindest man I have ever met.

my favorite ice cream flavor is blueberry waffle cone1!!

i laugh at literally everything

my fav splurge financially is getting my nails done, hehe.

i honestly couldn't tell ya. there was no aha moment for me.

throughout high school, i found myself taking a lot of photos and whenever my friends and I would go to Eau Claire, the closest "city" to my hometown, I would always bring my camera with me and practice taking photos of them. 

In early spring of 2021, I heard about a styled shoot for the first time and decided I had to try. I was knew to all of it...weddings, I mean. I had never photographed one. I didn't belong there!

but then I left, and decided, I wanted to do it again. in fact, I wanted to do that forever. This is when I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer. So, I guess I did have an aha moment. But, the first time I picked up a camera, now that is something I can't put my finger on.

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